Guatemala Deep Sea Fishing at it’s Best!

Offering a high-quality and professional charter fishing service from the moment you come aboard. Our local fishing ground knowledge ensures the best catch of the day in Guatemala!

Sailfish & Pacific Sailfish (aka Billfish)

Super Exciting Gamefish, average big game catch around 90-110 pounds, found in quantity from November-May, but caught frequently year round. You need a picture of yourself with one of these for your desk or home! Always released, but still can be made into mounts just using the picture. Guatemala is the best place in the world to hook one!

Marlin (aka Billfish)

Monster billfish. Similar to a sailfish, but a whole lot meaner!!! Caught Year Round. Average catch 250 pounds, but up to 1600. Expect to spend a minimum of an hour reeling. Species include blue, striped, and black.

Dorado, Mahi Mahi, Dolphin

Fun to catch, great to eat! Average catch 25-35 pounds, found in high quantity from May-December, but pretty common year round. Bulls in the 45-55 pound range not uncommon in October through march Guatemala is the best place in the world to hook up with one.


Powerful Inshore Gamefish, average catch 25 pounds, but up to 85 pounds from November-May, but caught year round on almost every inshore fishing trip.

Yellowfin Tuna

Fun schooling fish, average catch 40 pounds, but up to 200. Caught year-round. Great eating fish, and can be eaten raw on the boat!