Marty spent 37 years flying military and commercial aircraft, including the A-10, the Boeing 727 and 777, and the McDonnell Douglas DC-10. After retiring, he invested in Big Buoy Fishing in February of 2021. He has managed the lodge on and off since then and traveled to Cape Verde to fish and work during our last two trips. He has fished in many locations including Alaska, Canada, Cape Verde, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, and on his home lake, Lake Pend Oreille located in the Northern Idaho Panhandle. He is committed to providing you with the best fishing trip possible. We use only the best Penn, Fin-Nor, and Eagle Claw gear and tackle available. Our two vessels are some one of the most stable boats on the water and are equipped with state-of-the-art electronics and all safety gear. Come explore the deep sea waters of Guatemala with us. You will have the time of your life! The Big Buoy offers Guatemala deep sea fishing vacations that are affordable, comfortable, and most importantly, memorable.

First Class Charter Crew


Kennedy Hernandez

Kennedy has been with us for eight years. His admirable priorities in life are his family, his religion, and fishing. He has extensive fishing experience in Guatemala and at many top fishing destinations around the world. I’ve fished with Kennedy in Cape Verde, Guatemala, and followed his successes in numerous tournaments off the coast of Costa Rica, the east coast of Africa, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, the San Blas Islands, the Seychelles, and United States. Kennedy always delivers a first rate experience. Kennedy has been directly responsible for the success of Big Buoy Fishing in the past, and I’m sure he will help THE BIG BUOYS, GUATEMALA grow. Kennedy is rapidly approaching his 40,000th billfish caught and released, standby for news! We are proud to have Kennedy on board as a Captain and as a friend.

Josue “COCO” Hernandez

CoCo is starting his third year with Big Buoy Fishing/The Big Buoys. In this short period of time, he has developed a dedicated following. He has extensive experience in all types of sport fishing in Guatemala. CoCo continues to post big numbers on dorado, tuna, sailfish, and marlin. CoCo is a dedicated captain, fisherman, and family man. He will ensure you have the best trip possible. Along with his brother Kennedy, CoCo is directly responsible for our brand growing and having a dedicated and loyal client base.


Amazing Lodge Staff

Kelly “Mi Hermana” Barrientos

Miss Kelly has been with us for years. She is completely dedicated to the needs and happiness of our clients. Kelly has taken on much more responsibility and is now managing lodge finances, as well as the needs of guests in the lodge. She is also involved with the business side of THE BIG BOUYS, GUATEMALA. However, Kelly along with all her other responsibilities, just can’t seem to keep out of the kitchen. Creating delicious meals and caring for our guests brings our Kelly joy, she will treat you like family. Kelly and Isobel are responsible for the home cooked meals that our clients have come to love. I consider Kelly one of the key players in the future of our business.

Isobel Saso

Like Kelly, Isobel has been with us for years. She stands in for Kelly in the kitchen on Kelly’s days off and she continues to do a fantastic job. Ms. Isobel is capable of meeting any needs the clients may have, and does a great job in ensuring their stay will be wonderful.