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September 2017

guatemala fishing

Why is Guatemala the Billfish Capital of the World?

By Adventure, Fishing

Guatemalan fishing has gained an international reputation as “the Billfish Capital of the World” because of the high number of sailfish and marlin caught year-round.

What makes this area unique? The coast of Guatemala forms a giant bay that has strong currents coming west to east. It’s because of these ocean currents and the specific shape of the seafloor that it creates the perfect environment for the fish that billfish usually eat. This abundance of food is why the coast is home to such a large population of billfish. You can find a catch here any time of year but expect to hookup twice as many November through May.

The most commonly found fish in Guatemala is the Pacific Sailfish, this catch can be 90-110 pounds. You can also find Marlin which is a serious catch you’ll never forget because the average catch is 250 pounds.  Though billfish are catch and release only, there are still plenty of other fish you can keep like dorado or tuna.

The best part is the convenience of lodging only a few minutes away from the dock. This makes it easy to get out on the water in the morning and poolside when you’re back.  If multiple shots at sailfish and marlin excite you, then Big Buoy Fishing is your paradise. Contact us here to book your next fishing adventure.

villa rental Puerto de San Jose

What to Expect at Big Buoy Villa

By Lodging

If you’re looking for a getaway in Guatemala that’s close to the beach and the fishing, Big Buoy Villa is exactly what you want.

The Big Buoy Villa hosts 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms equipped with standard amenities to make you feel at home. The Villa is perfect for all ages and even includes Wifi for all your devices to stay connected. All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are included in your stay and all prepared on-site by our excellent chef. Eat breakfast and dinner at the villa while enjoying lunch aboard the boat with a beer in hand.

No need worry about directions or finding a bus or cab when you arrive at the airport. We will pick you up and return you to La Aurora International Airport (GUA) on time for departure.

The villa is conveniently only 5 minutes away from where the boats are docked. That way after a long day of fishing we can quickly get you poolside afterward.

Ready for your next vacation to Guatemala or have a few questions about your stay? Contact us here for more information.